Barak’s Hindu Bangladeshis won’t return to Bangladesh, says BJP MLA

At a time when reports of disappearance of almost 2 crore Bangladeshis had been making headlines, BJP MLA Amar Chand Jain belonging to the Katigora constituency, claims that only 40 thousand Hindu Bangladeshis have entered India since March 25, 1971.

At one end where various organisations from Assam have taken to the streets strictly opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill, Jain destroying emotions of the people of Assam has expressed that those Hindu Bangladeshis who have entered Barak will not return to Bangladesh.

The BJP MLA says, “How will these people return to Bangladesh? They are not entitled to any opportunities in Bangladesh. The poor Hindus are not facilitated with rice and kerosene among other necessities. Neither do they get jobs nor can they enroll in schools”. Adding he says, “They cannot offer prayers in Bangladesh. Temples are demolished; therefore, the Hindu Bangladeshis have to be granted Indian Citizenship.”

It may be mentioned here that if the Citizenship Amendment Bill comes into force, it is certain that Assam and Assamese’s existence will be endangered. In this situation, Brahmaputra Valley has been continuously opposing the proposed Bill. Several organisations have even warned the government that if the Bill is passed despite all the opposition, then these organisations will take to the streets with intense and massive protests in the entire region. But noticeably, a section of the Barak valley has taken to the streets in support of the proposed Bill.

In a bid to support the proposed Bill, BJP MLA Jain went to the extent of saying that Hindus are not allowed to offer prayers in Bangladesh. But in contrary, in Bangladesh, Durga Puja is being celebrated with utmost zeal and fervor.

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