Basistha City Bus Strike

The city bus service of Beltola-Basistha to Jalukbari has been interrupted as part of a protest by the bus drivers and handyman association.

The protest has been staged against the physical assault that has been made on the drivers and handyman by some locals of Basistha.

In an incident on Friday last, the bus drivers have been assaulted by some local people of Basistha when they returned the buses on their way to Jalukbari in the middle of the road.

Talking to Pratidintime, one of the drivers said, “Our bus service is from Jalukbari to Basistha and we return from the Basistha temple premises. On Friday last when there was no passenger in the bus to Basistha Temple, we returned the bus from the middle of the road when one Mrinal Medhi and Nipu Saikia attacked us saying that we cannot return from the middle of the road rather we have to go to Basistha whether there are passengers in the bus or not.”

The driver said that Nipu Saikia along with some 20-25 youths have come and attacked us badly and later he has been arrested by Basistha police. But now Saikia has been released.

In order to protest against such incidences, we have followed the strike and will continue until and unless the culprits are being punished, said the driver.

Following the protest, the commuters have faced problems as there is no bus in the route.

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