Basistha Coal Syndicate : The Story so far

The media keep reporting illegal coal mining and its transportation in the State. Assam Government continues to suffer revenue loss for such syndicates. In an sensational incident, it has come to light that state Police administration has also been involving behind coal syndicate.

On Thursday, Basistha Police had managed to bust a coal syndicate cartel including a member. Detainee member of the gang Tapan Borah, who is a truck driver, had to face assaults from his boss for not delivering coals in proper place. Coal mafia Ashok Nath and Ramesh Rai had tied the driver with a strong chain for whole night in workplace and at least fourteen members of the cartel brutally attacked the driver.

In connection with the case, Police detained Saurabh Sarkar, a worker of the company and took him in police custody on Thursday. Interestingly, on Friday in the name of Saurabh Sarkar, who is currently in police custody, has been lodged an FIR in Basistha police station against the truck driver Tapan Borah.

But, who has lodged the FIR on behalf of the detainee?

As per reports, three members of the coal gang had forcefully taken signature from the detainee Saurabh Sarkar’s father last night and had lodged the FIR on Friday. Allegedly, Basistha Police also co-operated the coal gang as how can they took the signature of Saurabh Sarkar while he was in lockup?

Basistha Police yet to arrest the coal mafias Ashok Nath and Ramesh Rai, but Officer-in-Charge of the police station Nabajit Das Baghri has already done all the arrangements for granting bail after their arrest.

Even, the coal gang had tried to bribe the police administration to get relief from the case. Bhogendra Thakur, a member of the coal gang had been caught by Police for offering bribe to ACP Nandini kakati (Hatigaon-Basistha-Jorabat Police) this afternoon.

Local organizations alleged that Basistha Police OC is considered to be one of the key players of this cartel and he is getting the commissions and a portion is sent to the political leader who heads the syndicate.

The Asom Unnoyon parishad and Asomiya Yuva Manch had filed FIR in Basistha police seeking an inquiry into the alleged role of the police, in the coal syndicate.

It has been observed by the state organizations and public that there might be a political rivalry that has led to the recent controversy and action against the coal syndicates.


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