B’desh PM pressurises Global Community to repatriate Rohingyas

To ensure the repatriation of thousands of Rohingyas, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina urged the Global Community including the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), to increase pressure on Myanmar.

“Despite the negative impact on own resources, ecology and local population, we have opened our border to give shelter to a huge number of Rohingya Muslims on humanitarian grounds, ”Sheikh Hasina said while inaugurating the regional hub of the IDB in Dhaka.

She added, “The IDB cannot remain silent, when Myanmar’s Rohingya citizens are victims of ethnic cleansing,” .

Rohingya insurgent attacks on the Myanmar security forces triggered a military response that made 7 lakh Rohingyas flee from Myanmar to Bangladesh and India from August last year.

Bangladesh and Myanmar made a deal on the repatriation which has not started yet. However, Myanmar said that they are ready to accept the refugees back and has build two reception centres and a transit camp for the initial return of the Rohingyas.


(Featured image:India TV)



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