Being banned, TikTok CEO pens motivational letter for its Indian employees


After the Ministry of IT blocked 59 Chinese applications on the grounds of them prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity, CEO of popular Chinese video-sharing application, TikTok, has written a letter for the Indian employees of Tiktok.

In the letter reportedly posted on the company’s website, Kevin Mayer, the CEO, wrote, “At TikTok, our efforts are guided by our commitment to democratizing the internet. To a large extent, we believe we have been successful in this effort… However, we stay resolved and committed to our mission, and are working with stakeholders to address their concerns. TikTok continues to comply with all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law and places the highest importance on user privacy and integrity.”

Highlighting the company’s concern for its employees, he added, “Our employees are our biggest strength, and their well-being is our topmost priority. We have also assured more than 2,000 strong workforce that we will do everything in our power to restore the positive experiences and opportunities that they can be proud of.”

He also wrote of the platform being provided by TikTok to zillions of people to express themselves creatively and tell their stories. TikTok is one of the 59 applications being banned by the Ministry of IT.  

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