Beltola Fire | It Occurs from Gas burner: YK Goutam


The disaster management department on Friday confirmed that the fire that took place at Basisthapur, Beltola on Thursday occurred from the kitchen.

Director of Disaster Management, Y K Goutam said that there was a gas stove in the kitchen and out of the four-burner gas stove, three burners were open. “There was a four-burner gas stove in the kitchen and out of the four, three were on and only one burner was off. The fire occurred from the three burners after gas leaks from the cylinder and the fire spread within 5-10 minutes in the entire house,” said Goutam.

Goutam, however, denied the cause of the fire as short circuit and confirmed that it occurred from the bursting of cylinders.

Meanwhile, locals who witnessed the fire said that both the kids, Ishan and Ivan were stuck in the room as the fire spread everywhere and their grandmother who was also injured in the fire couldn’t save them.

Ishan and Ivan’s mother were not in the home during the time when the fire occurred as she went to invite the neighbours for Ivan’s birthday.

The teachers, students, neighbours, and well-wishers have condoled the death of the two minors.

The cremation of Ishan and Ivan will be done at Navagraha crematorium on Friday.

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