Bengali Federation leader Sujit Sarkar surrenders, appologises


Sujit Sarkar, president of  All BTC Bengali Youth Students’ Federation (ABBYSF)  who fled after making inflammatory comments to instigate people of Assam allegedly surrendered at Kokrajhar on Saturday.

According to reports , he went to the Inspector General of Police for Bodoland Territorial Area Districts, Anurag Agarwal’s office at Kokrajhar and surrendered, however according to Udalguri Superintendent of  Police , Shri Rajveer, The Bengali Federation leader was arrested by the police.

“Sujit Sarkar was arrested from Kamakhyaguri station on Saturday,” said SP Shree Rajveer.

Sujit Sarkar also apologized for his provocative statements that created outrage in the entire state.

“I beg apology to the entire people of Assam and the Assamese society for the remarks that I made a few days back,” said Sarkar post his surrender to BTAD IGP Anurag Agarwal.

Sarkar allegedly used derogatory words and threatened to kill pro-talks ULFA leaders and was instigated people to start an armed revolt in a speech he made on October 28.

An FIR was filed by pro-talks ULFA leader Prabal Neog on Saturday demanded immediate arrest of Sarkar after the incident.

Sarkar had particularly threated the three leaders (Jiten Dutta, Mrinal Hazarika and Prabal Neog)  in his comment on October 28.

Earlier, Sujit Sarkar, President, BTC Bengali Youth Student Federation, Udalguri District Committee remarked after a man committed suicide allegedly being served a ‘D’ voter notice that, “This is not 1983. This is 2018 and they (pro-talk ULFA leaders) must not forget this. If you have guns, the Bengali bodies have the strength, power. We are not going to sit and watch. We are ready to change the history of Assam”.

He added, “If need arises, we will go and kill them (Jiten Dutta, Mrinal Hazarika and Prabal Neog) in their own houses.”

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