Bengali MLAs of BJP angry on Sonowal


The Bengali MLAs of BJP of Assam are openly angry on their leader and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal for recommending rejection of the refugee card in the proposed SOP for NRC.

The Refugee card were granted to Hindu migrants who walked over to Assam during 1970 East Pakistan crisis. They were welcomed by Government of India, given refugee card and settled in refugee colony. Each of them are staying in India and exercised voting rights and getting government benefits on the strength of the Refuge card since 1971.

But Chief Minister Sonowal quietly suggested rejection of the same and it was informed to the apex court that same should not be included in the SOP. This has triggered serious hart burn amongst the Bengali MLAs of the BJP from Barak valley.

Veteran BJP leader Shiladitya in fact went oe step ahead and addressed a news conference yesterday in his own quarter saying that the state government had made a mistake by recommending the rejection of the refugee card and that would hamper lakhs of Hindu migrants who came to India before 1971 due to east Pakistan violence.

“Our government had done wrong in this and that would have serious repercussions in future” said Mr. Shiladitya and it has emerged that most of the names excluded in the 40 lakhs belongs to Bengali Hindu and Gorkha while names of the Immigrant Muslim community are  comparatively less.

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