Bengali Orgns. cancel proposed Nov 17 rally


The proposed and controversial rally of Bengali organisations on November 17 at Guwahati have been withdrawn.

This was announced following a meeting of 26 Bengali Organisations and Axom Xahitya Xabha last evening.

The Xahitya Xabha took the initiative and brokered the peace and amicably brought down curtain to the raging controversy.

The Xabha President Paramananada Rajbongshi presided over the meeting and heard the grievances of the Bengali originations and it was decided that there would be a mega convention at the behest of the Xabha where all Bengali and Assamese organisations would be invited and their grievances would be heard.

This is noteworthy that the announcement of the proposed rally had polarized the state with Assamese Bengali line and political parties were taking advantage out of the situation.

Both the BJP and the Bengali organisations were rooting for the amendment of the Citizenship Bill but the rest of Assam are aghast with it. The Axom Xahitya Xabha initiative have been lauded as a potential flash point have been averted.

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