Bengalis alarmed by NRC: AABYSF

With just one day in between the publication of the NRC final list, All Assam Bengali Youth Students Federation (AABYSF) criticising the Union and the state government, has come forward to voice that the Bengali Community has been alarmed by the Citizens’ list.

 The AABYSF sat for a discussion this after afternoon, during which they held talks pertaining to NRC and Assam Accord Clause 6.

According to reports, the students’ federation has formed a seven-membered committee to assist those whose names would be excluded from the final NRC list.

The organisation claimed that if the Hindu Bengalis are not safe in Assam, then will never be safe, adding that there was no rivalry between the Assamese and the Bengalis, but a section of selfish politicians are continuously trying to create one.

AABYSF is also not content with Clause 6 Implementation Committee, which has been formed by the Centre, alleging that the committee does not have representatives from all the tribes. The Bengali students union is now advocating for a new political party in the state.

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