Bengali org. show of strength at Guwahati on Citizenship Bill


Bengali Organisations of Assam have decided to show off their strength at Guwahati and allay the fear of majority Assamese on the controversial Citizenship Bill as BJP has decided to taken on the popular Assamese sentiment by siding with the Bengalis and dividing Assamese community.

Emboldened by recent BJP executive decision at Majuli to back Citizenship Amendment Bill, 26 Bengali Organisations of Assam are jointly organizing a mega rally on November 17 at Khanapara, a first of its kind in Brahamputra valley..

This has been billed as an open challenge by the Bengali organisations against the majority Assamese national organisations, who have been at the forefront against the Citizenship Amendment bill.

As the AASU, AJYCP, KMSS and other student organisation are opposing the Citizenship bill, the Bengali organisation have decided to come out openly and challenge the majority Assamese.

This is for the first time such an open challenge have been thrown at Guwahati, hitherto, it has been held at the Bengali dominated pockets of Assam like in Hojai, Dhekiajuli and Barak valley.

The Bengali organization’s pitch would be to allay fear of the majority Assamese about the fear of the Citizenship bill. They feel that some organizations with vested interest have been spreading a false narrative and because of which there are tremendous of mistrust and hatred.

The BJP’s calculation is to get all non Assamese non Muslim votes in their kitty and then take slice of Assamese votes with the beneficiary card in the forthcoming Panchyat poll to taste the ground level before taking the main plunge for the General Election.

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