Beware while using ATM

Over the past few years, scammers have increasingly siphoned off cash through digital payment networks, stealing crores of rupees so far from different banks.

Not only is the problem hard to contain; new findings show that it’s evolving and maturing, with new types of ATM malware on the rise.

Here, a few videos have been posted below from which you can come to know that how the hackers use to loot your money. What kind of tricks they use or what they do with the ATMs.

ATM cloning is a copy of specific ATM with same properties like credential, id, name, no, encryption etc. In simple words it’s like twin baby.

ATM hacking have increased tremendously in India in recent years. It has become a great challenge to the cyber security community. Black hackers are using social engineering, loop holes and technologies to break through all securities which are hindering in their efforts to steal money from others.

Since last few days, it can be seen that incidents of ATM hacking has been increased in various states across India along with Assam where lots of people have to loss their money in a second.

Here are a few points for you what you never suppose to do:

  1. Don’t use your Social Security number as ID.
  2. Secure your personal data.
  3. Be savvy about email.
  4. Protect your devices.
  5. Buy a shredder and use it.
  6. Erase computer and smartphone hard drives.
  7. Sign up for alerts and monitoring.
  8. Don’t take calls from the IRS or Social Security Administration.
  9. Lock your mailbox.
  10. Investigate yourself.
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