Bharti Foundation signs MoU to support schools in Northeast


Bharti Foundation has signed a MoU to support government schools in Northeast. On Tuesday Bharti Foundation said that it has joined hands with the government of Meghalaya to support 50 state-run schools.

The Bharti Foundation has also signed a pact with the Assam government to support 45 government-run schools.

In an official release, the organisation said, “Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, announced the launch of Satya Bharti Quality Support Programme to support 50 government schools in East and West Jaintia Hills, reaching out to 6,500 children and 136 teachers”.

As part of the MoU, Bharti Foundation will partner with the Education Department to strengthen initiatives in holistic improvement of school quality through joint discussions with the school leaders and officials, it said.

Talking about the partnership, Bharti Foundation Chief Executive Officer Vijay Chadda said, “Satya Bharti Quality Support Programme works on the performance of government schools and enhances the overall schooling experience for children. It is being implemented for the first time in North East India”.

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