Bhubaneswar Kalita is ‘opportunist’ : Gogoi


Former Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi lashed out at senior party leader Bhubaneswar Kalita today. Gogoi clearly said that he is an “opportunist”.

This comes amid simmering tension in the Assam Congress leadership with many expressing dissatisfaction with the functioning of the party.

“He has done a complete U-turn by leaving the party. If the Congress is such a bad party, which gave him power for the last decade and made him an MP, then let him resign …I don’t understand what he has found so attractive in the BJP”, Gogoi added.

“The Congress has asked me to issue a whip regarding the Kashmir issue. However, the truth is that country’s opinion has changed and this whip is against the people’s wish….. I will not follow this whip and so I am resigning from the Congress,” Bhubaneshwar Kalita said in his purported resignation letter.

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