Big B pays off loans of 1398 farmers


Bollywood’s Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan in a blog post on late Monday night has claimed that he has helped 1398 farmers from Uttar Pradesh by paying off their loans.

“The 1398 farmers from UP that I have taken care of by paying off their loans with the Bank is now complete .. the Bank has issued them their OTS , the one time settlement document and certificate , and there is a sense of accomplishment .. I shall wish of course to give these settlements , these confirmations that their loans have been paid off, personally .. but getting this large number to the city is not possible ..”, scribed Bachchan in his blog.

Big B also informed that he has personally arranged for 70 selected farmers to travel to Mumbai and receive their bank letters.

“So I have identified 70 of them .. am putting them on a train from Lucknow to Mumbai , by booking an entire bogie for them .. they travel on the 25th to be here on the 26th and I shall personally hand them their certificates ..”, said the veteran actor.

Bachchan had earlier helped 350 farmers from Maharashtra by paying off their loans.




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