Big Brother Spying On Your Digital Life

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Multinational tech companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon have become goldmines carrying personal data about entire populations as data is the new oil and whosoever controls the data will control the world.

If you are shopping, communication, making online tickets for travelling, entertainment etc. through digital world, beware as the Big Brother is watching the online activities all the time and one can’t do anything because devices and the whole app ecosystem around them have made the people their 24/7 slave.

According to reports, Google, Facebook and Amazon are the top three digital ad platforms and they together capture just under 70 percent of all digital ad dollars spent.

Report says that hackers watched datas if anyone is watching Netflix or if anyone is ordering food they know what food you are ordering. The tech giants who are constantly watching us, shares the data with the third-party organizations who, then, are analyzing that in great details for individual-level targeting to benefit advertisers.

The invention of social media which was made to connect the world, in turn, has become a data sharing and selling exercise giving any buyer direct access to the users emotional pulse.

Founder and chief Analyst at market research firm techARC, Faisal Kawoosa said that people have slowly begun realizing how their data is being used for purposes that are surreptious in nature and how most of the time, they are not even aware of it being collected in a digital underworld.

According to report, nearly 86 percent of the consumers in India are concerned about eavesdropping of their conversations or theft or misuse of their messages through their devices.

Despite all threats, you can’t imagine your life without smartphones as we all are addicted to it as it has made our lives easier. Whether you use home Wi-Fi or public, office internet or at café, the data miners are snooping on you at every single minute.

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