Big News: Arsenal FC Shows Solidarity With Flood-Affected Assam


The ongoing Assam floods have been a source of pain and misery for scores of people. Besides claiming around 85 lives so far, the floods have affected around 40 lakh people. Close to 50,000 people are sheltered across 303 relief camps.

Amidst such a gloomy situation when people of the state often complain about the flood situation being given a cold shoulder by the National Media, one of the most successful and popular football clubs Arsenal FC has posted a video on Instagram expressing solidarity with flood-affected Assam.

In the video, the team says “We are with you”. Going a step further, it even writes the same thing in Assamese which reads, “Aami Aasu Apunar Logot.”

Click on the link to see the post

This gesture by Arsenal, the most successful soccer club of London, has garnered a lot of appreciation from many. It surely has brighten up the moods of many.


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