Bigger tragedy still unfolding at An-32 crash site

More than a fortnight after the AN32 crash in Arunachal, a bigger tragedy is still unfolding as the rescue team of 12 is still stuck at the An-32 Aircraft crash site surviving on nature and low ration as they have not been able to be winced up due to poor weather.

Yes, you read that right! The airdropped team sent to recover bodies near the wreckage site of the AN-32 aircraft on June 12 is still out there enduring adverse weather condition and tough terrain at an altitude of 12,000 ft.

The rescue team is surviving amid wild animals, dangerous snakes and insects topped with slippery mountainous path which makes foot march next to impossible.

According to officials the weather condition is preventing the team, which includes IAF personnel and a civilian, from moving to any direction to get out of the site. Officials are now waiting for the weather to get better so that they can be brought out but if it does not get any better, they will be forced to trek to the nearest habitation.

17 days have already passed, how many more until they are rescued and before their ration runs out?

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