Bilasipara: Trucks Carrying Coal, Pan Masala & Raw Materials Seized


In a joint operation launched under the instruction of Dhubri district administration, two trucks laden with coal, one truck with banned pan masala and a truck laden with raw materials have been seized at 31 No National Highway in Bilasipara.

The joint operation was launched by the revenue circle officer of Bilasipara, Chapar revenue circle officer, income tax department, Dhubri district transport department under the instruction of the deputy commissioner of Dhubri. The joint operation was started at 10 pm on Monday and continued till late at night and seized the four trucks carrying materials without any valid documents.

However, a driver of a truck absconded from the scene while the others have been detained for interrogation.

The trucks bearing registration numbers AS 01 FC 3523, AS 17 B 5474, WB 41 E 8396 and NL 01 Q 7351 have been sent to the local police station for investigation.

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