Rajani Khargaria’s daughter-in-law surrenders


Daughter-in-law of late Rajani Khargaria, Gitashree Khargaria has surrendered, after 72 days of absconding from the police,  in front of the Sivasagar Chief Justice’s Court on Thursday.

Gitashree along with her husband Debashish Khargaria were the prime accused of the Rajani Khargaria’s suicide case.

Debashish Khargaria, son of actor and theatre artist Rajani Khargaria, who committed suicide on July 1, and Gitashree’s husband was arrested by police near Sixmile area of Guwahati on July 18.

The noted artist committed suicide after being neglected repeatedly by his son for years. He left a suicide note blaming Debashish Khargaria’s behavior for his wife’s untimely death which forced him to end his own life.

The deceased left multiple suicide notes to the media fraternity, residents of the area, Police Station-in-charge and family members specifying the neglect and disregard of their son and daughter-in-law as the reason.

The couple, through their note, has asked for exemplary punishment for their son and daughter-in-law.

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