Bisleri Mineral Water Plant Shut Down In Assam


The Food Safety Department of Assam has shut down the Bisleri plant in Kamalpur and banned the sale of Bisleri mineral packaged drinking water from that plant in the state with immediate effect.

According to a notification by the Food Safety Department, the ban has been imposed after test reports of samples of the packaged drinking water revealed presence of fluoride higher than the prescribed limit and hence, the company has failed in terms of section 3 (1) (zz) of the Food Safety and Standards Act.

The Food Safety Department of Assam has asked the Bisleri plant to immediately stop the storage, distribution, and sale of the product in the market of Assam for a period of 30 days starting immediately. 

It should be noted that based on reports, the other four Bisleri plants in the state are operational and production in those plants have not been banned.

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