Biswanath Youth Commits Suicide After Police Breaks Mobile Phone

A young man committed suicide on Saturday night hanging by a mango tree at Nambaghmara village of Biswanath district after police had broke his mobile phone.

As told by locals, the young man who had been identified as Hemanta Borah, committed suicide because he was beaten up by Biswanath Police on his way to buy medicines for his ailing mother amid the curfew hours.

During this heat up situation with the police, when police charged a lathi on him, his phone that was inside his pocket, broke.

The locals also said that the deceased youth Hemanta was beaten up by police around four days earlier where he unfortunately broke his mobile phone and took this decision for himself.

Hemanta Borah was a young man from a poor family who earned the basic essentials working as a daily wage worker.

“He loved his mobile phone a lot. He kept himself busy with the mobile phone after coming back home from his work. He was hard-working young lad but after the incident he was mentally very disturbed,” said a local who happens to be a neighbour of the deceased young man.

Hemanta was working in a line hotel according to the statements of the locals.

Last night, he also told the people of his village that he had submitted receipts and documents of his mobile phone along with the broken mobile phone in the police station but was not provided any help.

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