BJP Destroyed Assam in 5 Years: Priyanka Gandhi

Taking a jibe at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Monday said that the saffron party destroyed Assam in the last five years. BJP has sold everything, it will destroy Assam, said Gandhi while addressing a public rally at Kaliabor where the Congress leader campaigned for its party candidate Prasanta Kumar Saikia for the Assam Assembly election.

She further said, “This election is the election to save Assam. Congress guarantees to save Assam, its 5 guarantees will take Assam to the next level.”

Slamming BJP’s movement of implementing CAA, Gandhi said that the former unleashes CAA and Assam. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi listens to non-Assamese rather than the Assamese people. He doesn’t dare to speak for CAA in the election campaign. BJP’s sets to sale Assam’s oil refinery,” added Gandhi.

She further claimed that BJP has done nothing to save the culture and dignity of the state adding that it has also not been able to provide jobs to the unemployed, added Priyanka.

“The 25 lakh jobs are BJP’s false promise. It cannot control its own team,” claimed Gandhi.

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