BJP does job scam in Assam

40,000 duped in P&RD and IPR Department


On the eve of poll notification in Assam, the BJP completed a massive job scam in the Panchayat & Rural Development and State Information Department, denying thousands of meritorious candidates.

In a blatant, brazen and arrogant way, the BJP filled up the posts either by party supporters, relatives of party leaders, party sympathizers or taken money.

The appointment had taken place in the Panchayat & Rural development, where 900 posts were filled up in various categories and 64 posts of the Information & Public Relation.

The Information & Public Relation Department scam was done under the directives of Officer of Special Duty Rajeev Prakash Barua, who was the former Director of the Department and is now on an extension after retirement.

The exam was held and 20 thousand sat in the exam and entire process was completed in less than 15 days and in post in just 24 hours and even police verification was also done in less than 24 hours.

This has raised suspicion that majority of the posts were sold for cash and it was alleged that Rajiv Prakash Barua and the media Adviser Hrishikesh Goswami piloted the entire appointment process with ulterior agenda not following the basic principle of merit.

The Panchayat job scam is even more huge in terms of numbers as the total post was 900 and more than 60-65% have gone to the BJP party. The highest affected is the Nalbari district and the Lakhimpur district as most of the posts was cornered by these two districts and almost all of the selected candidates are somehow related to the BJP local leaders.

The BJP, which came to power in the name of change, had ushered some hope in the selection of past candidates through merit but in the non-gazette posts, they have opened a full-scale market like the Congress.


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