BJP kicks off plan to scrap NRC


The BJP is getting ready to scrap the NRC and has triggered a coordinated move to discredit first the NRC before the ordinary people and then take the legislative steps to either scrap it or go for full re-verification.

As per the coordinated move, as informed by a BJP insider, the fringe organisations of the Sangh Parivar has been marshalled to demand verification of the NRC despite the clear Supreme Court order against it.

As per that move, on August 17 the  “Assam Sachetan Manch” staged a protest dharna against the Supreme Court decision against Reverification.

Two days later on August 19, the ABVP staged a protest in front of the NRC secretariat, demanding verification.

On August 22, it was the turn of the cultural wing of the BJP to stage a protest before the NRC office. It was basically a group of BJP sympathisers from the cultural line.

Shiladitya Dev
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This morning as per the same coordinated move, the responsibility of discrediting NRC was handed over to BJP MLA Shiladitya Deva. He dutifully did the job citing of a non-inclusion of a martyr of the Assam Agitation to buttress his claim that NRC was a faulty list.

He also targetted the All Assam Student Union(AASU) accusing him of siding with the Bangladeshis and working against the Bengali Hindus.

This is noteworthy that AASU and AAMSU, and NRC authorities are on the same page and happy with the ongoing process. But on the other hand, almost everyone else was unhappy and had demanded re-verification saying the NRC was faulty.

Notably, during the claims and objection period, the fringe organisation of the Sangh Parivar did not file and any objection.

Tomorrow Assam State BJP President Ranjeet Das will also address a press conference under the same strategy.

The BJP top insider informed that the plan was to mount continuous opposition to the NRC, discredit the whole process citing various examples and then force BJP government of Assam to take it inside the Assam Assembly and get a resolution passed in the Assam Assembly for the scrapping of the same.

The resolution in due course of time shall be handed over to the Union Home Minister Amt Shah, who in all likelihood will form an expert committee to look into the issue, the source said.

The expert committee will examine the NRC and cite various reports and eventually with a voluminous report declare the NRC faulty.

The report will be then tabled in the Parliament and BJP will announce scrapping of the Assam NRC adding that there will be one nation one NRC with 1951 as the base year, the BJP insider said.

Already Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal had given an indication of this plan when he said that legislative mechanism would be placed to see correct the NRC position. He said that after meeting Union Home Minister Amit Shah at New Delhi last week.

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