BJP launches massive counter offensive


The BJP has launched a massive counter offensive against the ongoing spontaneous protest of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Brahmaputra valley. As a part of the strategy the BJP has unleashed 3 levels of attack.

For the first level of attacks they have fielded Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav.

For the second level, they have chosen state party President Ranjit Das, senior leaders Bijoya Chakravarty and Mrinal Saikia

And for the third level they have engaged a large number of small time leaders and social media activists to win over the upper middle class section of the Brahmaputra valley.

As a part of the strategy, Himanta Biswa gave two aggressive interviews to two television channels provoking other channels to take his interview so that public narrative hover around the agenda set by him and the classic example being the controversial remark on Moyonbori Xatra.

As the xatra contradict his stand on Muslim invasion in the xatra, the BJP lined up favourable xatradhikars to narrate their own stories of Muslim invasion in their own xatras keeping his agenda alive and active.

Since yesterday, the CM has gone one step ahead and launched a vitriolic attack on the Assamese intelligentsia playing the emotional son of the soil card.

Sonowal himself took to his twitter account to upload the video of his speech to attract the eyeballs of the social media users.

Meanwhile, the Ram Madhav called for a press meet in which he had made it clear that CAB will be passed in the Rajya Sabha. As a show of strength he was flanked by BJP top leaders Bijoya Chakravarty and Siddhartha Bhattacharya.

Since yesterday, after spending a tattered week the BJP social media activists has regained some composure and started attacking or trolling those who are strongly supporting the CAB cause. However, this time they are hopelessly outnumbered by the CAB followers, some of who had shown audacity to even personally attack CM and his colleagues

Therefore, it has been seen that it is one of the strategies of the national party to defend themselves and also not give a chance to the opposition to rise higher.

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