BJP leader explodes over CAB

The BJP State Vice President Longki Phangso, IAS today exploded against the CAB and accused Central leadership of bypassing the general sentiments of the people  while media convenor ratan Engti resigns.

The BJP leaders were joined with another district leader Ratan Engti, who also came out opposing the CAB  saying that there should be some provision for Assam.

The CAB,  which was expected to be a big issue in the run-up to the election has not however much visible support base diffusing the electioneering and that promoted the BJP in Assam to announce that it is no longer an issue.

“The CAB is a non-issue run by few people with agenda,” said the BJP state president Ranjeet Das and it has been the official limn e of the BJP.

But the silently large number of people are working voluntarily spending their money to distribute pamphlet against the CAB urging people to not to vote the candidates who have supported the CAB.

The poll observers feel that there has been strong anti CAB silent voting in the first phase. But the BJP brushed aside all these saying they would win at least 11 seats of the 14 Lok Sabha seats of Assam.

In fact  Raton Engti, the media convenor of the East Karhi Anglong district,  resigned on Thursday alleging that the saffron party has not been able to fulfill its promises.

“I’ve resigned from the BJP because, as per its promises made in 2014, it has not been able to fulfill the,” he said.

In his resignation letter addressed to Ratan Teron, BJP president for East Karbi Anglong district, Engti wrote: “I had joined the BJP in the year 2015. As an elected embassy, I was the first person to join the party with the anticipation that the party under the leadership of Narendra Modi would bring in a radical change to the nation of India, the northeast and in particular the district of Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Hills.”

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