BJP MLA Atul Bora takes stand against Citizenship Amendment Bill


BJP MLA Atul Bora has come out opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill, stating that party is not more important than the people. In a press meet on May 09, the MLA demanded the Bill to be dismissed.

He raised questions regarding the Bill and asked how bringing Hindu Bangladeshis to Assam can save the state. “This is like a cow climbing a tree” he added.

“Bringing Bangladeshi Hindus to Assam to maintain balance can never be a strategy; there is no logic. Throw out Muslim Bangladeshis, bringing in Hindu Bangladeshis won’t protect Assam” the MLA said.

Bora openly criticised the central government and praised the Meghalaya government’s decision to oppose the Bill. He urged Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal to take a stand against the Bill. He also alleged cabinet ministers’ involvement in trying to bring Bangladeshi Muslims to Assam.

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