BJP MLA’s daughter claims a threat to life from father


BJP MLA in Uttar Pradesh, Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi Mishra on Wednesday posted a video on social media claiming she is in danger from her father and brother for marrying against their wishes. Sakshi was married to Ajitesh Kumar on July 4. Ajitesh belongs to outside MLA Mishra’s caste.

In the video, she appealed to her father, her brother and their aides to stop sending goons after her and let them live peacefully.

Meanwhile, Sakshi and her husband have filed a petition at the Allahabad High Court asking for protection from the police. The court will hear the matter on July 15.

In a statement to media on Thursday, Rajesh Mishra denied all the allegations made by his daughter and said there was a political conspiracy against him. He further said that Sakshi is independent to make her own decisions.

However, he also claimed that he had objected to his daughter’s marriage not because of caste but because of the age difference and her husband’s lower income.

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