BJP pins on Panchyat Poll against Citizenship Bill


The Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has planned to answer the growing opposition to the Citizenship Bill in Assam by winning the upcoming Panchyat Poll even as 60 organisations led by KMSS have jointly decided to intensify the stir against the bill.

On the other hand, the AASU led other forces of 26 organisations, taking a softer line, not joining the hands of the KMSS led stir, as they fear a favourable BJP result will damage the fight against Citizenship Bill completely.

Meanwhile the BJP has gone to the grassroots, activated its massive network right up to the ‘Panna Pramukh’ and determined to win majority of the 2000 odd panchyats to silence the Citizenship Bill debate in Assam.

A resounding win without AGP would prove beyond doubt that Opposition to the Citizenship Bill was not spontaneous but engineered a few leaders, said BJP General Secretary.

On the other hand the 60 organisations under the leadership of KMSS, have decided to intensify the stir from November 3.

BJP insiders admit that Akhil Gogoi led movement against them has proven helpful for them as it polarizes the society and educated middle class historically has stayed away from the antics of Akhil Gogoi.

“Our focus is on AASU. Even if they are ridiculed and criticized but mass middle class accept them not KMSS . So we are happy” he said without allowing to be quoted.

Hence BJP was not going to engage itself with any debate on Citizenship Bill and counter the critics with the Panchyat Results. The BJP top party source also informed that they want to see AGP going out of the alliance.

“A win without AGP shall have much more moral authority over people of Assam. In this so called adverse scenario if we win then we can prepare for Lok Sabha. Since we are too confident of wining rural Assam, we will be happy if they want to go out on Citizenship Issue. Till Panchyat result out, do not expect us to comment but when we will win we will go after you all” he said.

With 28600 elected representatives are being elected, BJP is going to play its card well by giving a substantial amount of tickets to their vocal opponents from various organisations in a bid to quell the movement against the Citizenship Bill.

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