BJP plans ‘Rath Yatra’ to save Sabarimala

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kerala is planning to a conduct a Rath Yatra to save Sabarimala.

BJP has decided to continue agitation by supporting devotees of Sabarimala with various types of programmes on 30th Oct, against atrocities inflicted by state govt.

The Rath Yatra will be staged from November 8 to 13. The Yatra is planned in a way that it starts from Kasaragod Madhur temple premises and concludes in Pathanamthitta district. When the Rath Yatra concludes at Pathan-amthitta on November 12, it will see 50,000 women protestors convening against the state government’s attitude in implementing the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala. The top court is to consider the review petitions and writ petitions on the next day.

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