BJP promises CAB in presence of AGP


Assam BJP leaders on Friday said that the party’s stand regarding the subject of much-debated Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will remain same if the party once again comes back to power. The remarks came during a joint press meet of AGP and BJP at State BJP office in Guwahati.

Addressing the press meet along with the leaders of AGP, Assam BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “We have already made it clear that we will bring another CAB if voted to power. Our stand on the bill will remain same.” He also said that though there was objection from the AGP side on the CAB, it could be resolved through discussions after the elections are over.

Meanwhile, AGP president during the press meet also said, “We might have different principles, but we have to resolve them through discussions.” He also said that the regional party once again wants Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister and a Congress-free India.

Notably, AGP had ended the tie with BJP on January 7 over Centre’s move to pass the CAB in Lok Sabha.

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