Assam BJP State Prez Suggests To Ride 3 On Bike, Use Cycles To Tackle Petrol Price Hike

In an unusual statement, BJP Assam president Bhabesh Kalita said that in order to tackle the price hike in petrol, three persons can ride on a single bike or even ride bicycles.

“…..what is the need for big car? Come on cycle. Three persons can come on the same bike too. Get a license from the government,” he said during a presser.

He also explained the reasons behind the price hike in petrol.

 “Change in price depends of Internation market. The Assam government has no control over it. We have already denied talking about the Rs 5 subsidy. I myself saw today how many vehicles people have bought in recent times. If we stop buying vehicles then the petrol-diesel price will decrease automatically,” he said.

Further, he also suggested to take a walk for to the market instead of going on a vehicle.

“Sacrifices have to be made at some points. We have to focus on production. Demand has to meet supply. Otherwise, a price hike is natural. Everyone knows this logic,” Kalita expressed.

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