BJP swept poll easily, Opposition trounced

The BJP swept aside the election easily trouncing  opposition left right and centre even bettering its 2014 results, ensuring  Narendra Modi as a prime minister for the second time.

The BJP alone got 278 seats, four more than previous time and was in a position to form the government.  In Assam also it is in the process of winning 9 seats leaving two for Congress and two for AIUDF. 

However there are some dramatic and unexpected contest in Guwahati, Barpeta and Koliabor as the trends are not in expected line.

The BJP is doing well in most states, including the three heartland states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, wrested by the Congress in December. It is also ahead in Karnataka – a state the Congress rules jointly with HD Kumaraswamy. The BJP has done exceptionally well in West Bengal and also Uttar Pradesh and in both the states, the BJP belied all pre-poll expectations.

 The Congress is ahead in Punjab and Tamil Nadu, where it joined hands with the DMK. Elections were held on 542 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats and a party or alliance needs 272 seats to form government.

As the counting started this morning, it was all over for the Congress hope of a comeback as BJP drowned them and buried them quickly at least for 2024 and perhaps even more.

In Assam too, despite strong anti CAB protest and strong presence of regionalism blown up through partisan media, the BJP swept aside everything using their great party micro management tool.

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