BJP will cross 300+: Shah


The BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday, almost on the fag end of the grueling month and half long campaigning, announced that his party would alone get more than 300 seats.

Addressing a press conference, he said NDA under Prime Minister Narendra Modi would form the government.

Taking a swipe at opposition parties over their proposed meeting, saying they may meet to elect a leader of opposition.

” I am fully confident that the BJP after fifth and sixth phase of the elections has crossed the majority figure. It is going to cross 300 after the seventh phase and the NDA under Prime Minister Narendra Modi will form the government again,” he told a press conference.

Mocking the proposed meeting of opposition leaders and the move by some regional parties like TRS to form a federal front, Mr Shah said such meetings do not affect the BJP whose seats, he added, are not going to come down.

They may meet to elect a leader of opposition, he said, adding that results even this time may not give any party enough number of seats to elect a leader of opposition from its ranks.

In 2014 election, the Congress, the main opposition party, had won only 44 seats in 2014, less than the minimum 10 per cent of seats a party needs to win to claim the post of the leader of opposition in the LoK Sabha.

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