BJP will throw out illegal migrants one by one: Amit Shah


Lashing out at the Congress over illegal migrants from Bangladesh, BJP chief, Amit Shah asked Congress’ president, Rahul Gandhi, to clarify whether infiltrators should be allowed to remain in the country or not. Addressing a public rally in Rajasthan, Amit Shah promised that his government will expel illegal migrants from Bangladesh from the country “one by one”.

“Vote for Vasundhara Raje in 2018 in Rajasthan and for Narendra Modi in 2019. I assure you that the BJP government will work to throw out each and every intruder from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Assam to Gujarat, one by one,” Shah said at a meeting in Rajasthan’s Karauli district on Thursday.

Amit Shah made it clear that national security and NRC in Assam are among the BJP-led government’s top priorities.

“The NRC is a process to identify infiltrators. In Assam, 40 lakh intruders were identified by our government. Rahul baba and his company made hue and cry in the parliament. Why are you throwing them out, what will they eat, where will they go, what about their human rights, they asked. But when these infiltrators enter our country and throw bombs killing our countrymen, what about the human rights of their families?” the BJP president said.

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