Blacklisted firms for eFT


Assam Government is on the verge of selecting the blacklisted companies to conduct various software and hardware related works of the proposed mega eFT project to detect foreigners from the NRC excluded people.

The eFT project is which will set up 1000 foreigners tribunals in Assam to handle the onrush of cases of those excluded by NRC. At present, the eFT is on the verge of recruiting 2000 people including judges for the 200 foreigners tribunal besides selecting vendors to run the main software.

In the selection of both the eFT, authorities have imposed some precondition so that it is not open to all those technically qualified but only of a few particular parties.

For the recruitment of the people to be inducted in the eFT, the authorities wanted to get a recruitment company called  “Aptech” which is blacklisted in a number of states.

Similarly, in the software divisions, the selection criteria have been kept in such a way that only a few selected ones can participate in the part.

A section of the authorities informed that this was done purposely by the authorities to give the contracts to the parties with whom they had previous settings.

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