Blood Donor Day: Assam CM Urges Citizens To Volunteer For Blood Donation

Every year the World celebrates World Blood Donor Day on June 14.

Marking the significance of the day, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma shared a tweet that reads, “On #WorldBloodDonorDay2021, I congratulate all who have donated blood & plasma to patients who needed transfusion thoughout the pandemic. Also, I urge everyone to volunteer for #BloodDonation from time to time as it can save many lives. Give blood & keep the world beating.”

 State Health Minister, Keshav Mahanta also shared a tweet in occasion of the special day. He wrote, “On this #WorldBloodDonorDay2021, my gratitude to all the people who saved several lives by voluntarily donating their blood. We all should donate blood too to ensure that no life is lost because of its crisis. Let us all get together in making this a social movement.”

Blood donation is an extremely important act that helps save many lives we can never imagine about.

The pandemic situation since last year has made people realize the significance of Blood Donation in the best way possible.

As the world is plagued by the novel coronavirus, people are scrambling to get the medical help that they need to cure their loved one, especially in India this year.

The World Blood Donor Day was first organized by the World Health Organization on June 14, 2005. Since then, this day is widely celebrated to raise awareness and thank the various blood donors around the world who do their bit to save a life. 

Blood shortage is a massive problem that is faced by their public health services of various countries. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic, plasma and blood donations have been the ray of hope for those who were suffering from the deadly virus. It has managed to save several lives amid the pandemic situation. 

 This year, the slogan for the day is ‘Give blood and keep the world beating.’ This slogan highlights the contribution that the blood donors have made in this regard.

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