Bodo Accord not Satisfactory: Tarun Gogoi

Reacting on the Bodo Accord, former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi said that it is not satisfactory as most of the people in BTAD have not accepted the agreement saying that the accord is doubtful.

Addressing a press conference today, Gogoi said, most of the people in BTAD are thinking to choose the path of movement adding that the accord is one-sided. He said, “The Koch-Rajbongshi, Adivasi, Nath-Yogi, and Bengalis are deprived of the accord and the government should have discussed with the two parties. The deprivation of these people will create trouble amongst themselves.”

Gogoi further said that the accord will spread hatred to the Karbi Hills and the government should have taken the opinion of the Karbi people as well.

He further reiterated that changing the name of BTAD to BTR is the first step towards the formation of a separate state.

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