Bodo Accord Will Ensure Autonomy of Bodoland: HBS

Reacting on the Bodo Accord signed between the Central and State government on Monday, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the accord will ensure autonomy of Bodoland and reaffirm territorial integrity of Assam and justice for Bodo and non-Bodo people.

Himanta said that the Accord marks a new era of peace, progress and prosperity of Assam. “4000 people have sacrificed their lives for Bodoland movement. The Bodo youths, home guards and general people have been killed in the movement. In the first two agreements the NDFB and ABSU were not there but this time all the four groups of NDFB have supported the accord,” said Sarma.

He said that the safeguard of geographical integrity has been mentioned in the accord. A central university will be set up in the Bodoland, said Sarma.

He further reiterated that the demand for separate Bodoland has been ended from yesterday and that it has been said that this is the final and universal solution of the Bodoland.

The minister also stated that a satellite Parishad will be formed outside Bodoland and under this Parishad, no Bodo village will be included and that the Bodo language will be the associate language in the entire state.

Sarma said, “In BTC, there are some complete non-Bodo villages and some Bodo villages will be dropped from the commission. Through the commission, the non-Bodo villages could be excluded and the Bodo villages could be included. The commission will be formed by the state government with neutral people.”

He further stated that the commission will be formed under the Chairmanship of retired Justice.

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