Bollywood actress becomes nurse to serve patients


Who  said Bollywood is very hypocrite?

The big stars may be busy taking pictures of themselves and routinely releasing in the Instagrams for their fans or doing domestic chores and making money out of that also by releasing in Instagram and enchasing it.

But one actress stood out,. She has a nursing degree before coming to Bollywood. So she stepped forward and volunteered to be a nurse doing the crisis.

Bollywood actress  Shikha Malhotra, who was seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s movie “Fan”, is volunteering at a Mumbai hospital as a nurse to help patients fight the COVID-19 disease, caused by a novel coronavirus.

“I decided to help COVID-19 patients as I have the tool to help them,” said the actor who has a degree in nursing from Delhi’s Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital.

This is most beautiful and has taken the Bollywood by the storm who have always been hypocrite.

“Always there to serve the country as a #Nurse as a #entertainer, wherever, however I can. Need your blessings. Please be at home, be safe and support the government, (sic)” said Shikha Malhotra in a post on Instagram.

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