Book published in Dhubri mentions of 12 different types of Bihu


In a situation where the entire state of Assam is concerned about the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, a shocking instance from Dhubri has come to light where a basic grammar book for classes 6, 7 and 8 reads – ‘the last day of every month is called Bihu’.

The book titled ‘Sohoj Byakoron aru Rosona’ has published information like ‘the last day of every month is called Bihu’ and ‘there are 12 kinds of Bihu’.

The ‘New Mohammadiya Pustakalaya’ publication has stirred a lot of controversy in social media. Significantly, the name of the writer printed on the cover of the book is that of Md E Ali whereas the name of the writer on the first page is that of Bhuyan and Mullah.

An instance of such cultural description not only maligns the culture but also provides wrong information to the students.

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