Boost your Immunity with OJOPLUS


Zikia BioMeds and Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad, today announced the launch of “OJOPLUS”, an upgrade to the Government of India’s AYUSH Ministry-suggested formula (Ocimum sanctum, Zingiber officinale, Piper nigrum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum) with additional medicinal active biomolecules, as disease-prevention and supportive drug to augment immunity and minimize life-threatening complications in the case of viral infections.

This drug is a high quality, all herbal immuno-booster.

Indications of the drug:

  • Ojoplus strengthens Immunity the best Defense against Viral infections.
  • Ojoplus Has significant Anti Inflammatory action, protects from Excess inflammatory response, or Cytokine Storm
  • Ojoplus reduces severity of Respiratory tract inflammation.
  • Ojoplus has antipyretic action, reduces high Fevers, and associated complications.

Ojoplus activates the body’s natural killer cells giving great protection against viral diseases and strengthens body’s immunity. It is great for viral acute respiratory issues making it a great product for smokers, It is Anti-microbial and reduces occurrence of fever and fever temperature.

The formulation will be available in tablets for adults and in syrup form for pediatric use that ensures easier palatability with added chocolate flavour. It is to be noted that the people with lower immunity, senior citizens, and children are the most at risk of infectious diseases.

The COVID19 pandemic shall continue in phases, as does any viral outbreak, and since a vaccine or specially-designed drugs for the virus will take time to hit the market, it is essential that people take care of their immunity so that when the offices, schools and public spaces reopen with full strength, the public carries some protection against the pathogen.

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