Baghjan jinx continues

The Baghjan jinx continues as the Blowout preventer could not be installed properly following snapping of an wire due to excessive heat.

This morning the Blowout Preventer was installed at the Baghjan Oil Well site much to the relief of the groundsmen working there tirelessly for pst 76 days but their joy was shortlived as a critical wire snapped following which the BOP could not be fitted in.

The BOP was later withdrawn and another attempt would be made in a day or two, the OIL sources informed.

Once the BOP is installed then the well killing operation shall be inititated. The Baghjan has remain a jnx for 76 days as one after another incident has delayed the whole process angering the people wh has been living in the releif camps for nearly two and half months.

Yesterday they wanted to gherao the Deputy Commissioner office but was stopped by the police.

The final countdown to extinguish the fire that engulfed the oil well No 5 on June 9 last began from Saturday and the final capping of the well will be done soon.

According to a press release issued by OIL, it stated that well head and well plinth have been made ready for well control operation. Capping Blow Out Preventor (BOP) stack with kill lines have been tested successfully. Assembling of Athey Wagon has been completed with newly fabricated axle, modified Boom sections and with other accessories. After rig up, load testing of the complete wagon is planned for today. Treatment of well killing fluid is under way.” As the BOP has been installed successfully, the well killing will be done in the next operation.

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