Bordumsa OC Bhaskar Kalita falls prey to cunning strategy of ULFA (I)


A video of ULFA (I) posted in social media has revealed shocking details about the untimely death of Bordumsa OC Bhaskar Kalita on May 05.

In the video it can be seen that a handful of ULFA (I) militants are discussing about their triumphs. One of them said, “We fooled the police”, the other asked “How did we fool them?” The former in the latter’s reply said, “The police spy was actually our man. He informed the police; he saved us and fooled the police”.

In what seems like a trap, Kalita was present at a wrong place at the wrong time.

Further, in the video, one member is seen firing at zero. It is actually the rifle that had been snatched from Kalita.

Towards the end of the video, the member who looks like the leader of the group is heard saying, “If Assam Police chases us this time, we have to kill them too. We will not spare them.”

The video had been uploaded in ULFA (I) Facebook page on June 15 at 1:30 am. Assam police has become alert after the video had been uploaded.

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