Brahmaputra Pushkaram To be Celebrated From Nov 5

After Namami Brahmaputra, the ruling BJP government in Assam is now set to celebrate ‘Brahmaputra Pushkaram’, a 12-day festival which was taken from South India for the first time from November 5- November 16.

The mela will be held in the Ghats of Brahmaputra from Bharalumukh to Fancy Bazaar area and 50,000 sadhus and monks from outside will participate in the mela along with 2-3 lakhs people who are expected to witness the mela. It has been reported that the cost of the festival will be Rs. 60 crores.

According to reports, the primary works will be handed over to Commissioner & Secretary IAS SS Minakshi Sundaram, Industry & Commerce being a South-Indian and the entire festival will be looked after by Tourism department.   

Brahmaputra Pushkaram is a festival of River Brahmaputra which comes once in 12 years. The festival begins as Jupiter enters into Dhanu Rashi (Guru Peyarchi in Dhanussu Rashi).

Brahmaputra Pushkara Prarambha Muhurtham- 5.17 AM on November 5 (Shukla Paksha Navami in Karthika Masam).

Brahmaputra Pushkaram Antya Muhurtham on November 16.

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