Brahmin Community Demands Apology From Kamal Medhi

The Brahmin community staged a sit- demonstration against Kamal Kumar Medhi on Friday for his derogatory statement made against the Brahmin community during a meeting earlier this week. The community demanded an apology from Medhi and also urged him to personally come to Kamakhya where the sit-in demonstration is being held.

The demonstration was organized by the Kamakhya Devalaya authorities and several Brahmin organizations.

Earlier this week, Kamal Medhi, leader of Rajior Dal, made harsh remarks against the Brahmin community by saying “Assamese culture was cheated by some Kamakhya Temple’s Brahmin”. 

Due to the same, many cases have been registered against him in various parts of the state.

However two days ago, while speaking to reporters, Medhi apologized for his statement made against the Brahmin community.

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