Brahmins of Assam angry on Zubeen

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Brahmins of Assam are extremely angry on Zubeen Garg for making anti Brahmin remarks in a cultural function on Friday night.

Almost half a dozen police cases have been filed in various courts of lower Assam by various Brahmin groups demanding apology and punishment for the popular singer.

But singer Zubeen is unfazed. He iterated that “Brahmins are bad people and they are selfish. I myself is a Brahmin but I am ashamed to be Brahmin” he said to media.

Zubeen Garg
Zubeen Garg

He went one step further in the musical show and declared that he had thrown away the sacred thread of Brahmins because of their orthodoxy. Not stopping there, he went on to open his shirt and showed that he was not wearing the sacred thread. He continued to vent his feelings against the Brahmins in the night.

What was the provocation for that rant against Brahmins, nobody had an idea but it was suspected that Zubeen is master of kicking up controversy to maintain his marketability?

But the Brahmins are deeply hurt. The Brahmins of Morigaon, Udalguri and Baihata Chariali have come out in organized way to protest against Zubeen Garg and each of them have filed separate FIRs in the police order.

“He is a drunkard and always he says a controversial thing. But this time he has hurt our sentiments. You may not accept the Brahmins and may not like them but you can not humiliate us” said  Mr Ganesh Sharma, Secretary of the Asom Brahman Samaj.

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