BREAKING: Bus fares doubles in Guwahati


Hours before voting in Guwahati, prices of the bus tickets have been hiked exorbitantly. There are very less number of buses, trackers, and travelers in different routes of Guwahati. Scuffle broke out at different bus stands of Guwahati. Commuters, who expect to travel back to their home towns to cast their ballot, were left stranded not just in Jalukbari but many bus points across the city.

Commuters are bearing the brunt by having to wait long hours for conveyance. On April 22nd, 2019, passengers were seen waiting for buses at major bus-stoppages of the city. Overcrowded private buses were a common sight in the city on April 22nd, 2019, as several commuters were seen hanging out of the exit doors of the running buses.

“There wasn’t even a single bus incoming. The ones that were already there were only getting overcrowded .People made tough choices: waiting for some more time, return to where they came from.

On April 22, the fare of most buses in Guwahati have been hiked from 50 to 100. People stated that price hike is 60% of the normal fare. People complaints that though there is no hike in petrol why there is a huge hike in prices of buses and trackers.

In Jalukbari passengers were visibly furious and frustrated with all these and block the road, creating traffic in the whole area.

According to the travelers who are waiting to travel to their respective districts to cast their votes says,” Due to price hike I am in a dilemma and also  tensed whether to pay such price hiked amount and go and vote “.

Another traveler questions the government  that if their vote is valuable, then why no proper arrangement is being made by the government for transportation of the voters.

In Khanapara also people are seen waiting vigorously to travel to their respective area of work. The passengers stated, ‘If we questions the drivers on the price hike than every day, the drivers stops the vehicle and drops the passengers”.

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