BRIBE : Nagaon DSP suspended


Nagaon’s Deputy Superintendent of police (DSP) Sabita Das was suspended on Monday.

On September 3, a complaint had been lodged against Deputy Superintendent of Police of Nagaon district Sabita Das. The complainer named Saurav Hazarika a resident of Panigaon area in Nagaon town said to media that the DSP Sabita Das had allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 40,000 from him.

On the basis of the complaint, an investigation had been runned by Assam Police and the lady officer was found to be guilty of demanding the bribe.

The mystery of that night : According to complainer Saurabh Hazarika, he was busy in a conversation with his three friends inside his car at around 12-30 am on August 31 in front of his house. At that moment a police team led by DSP Sabita Das reached the area and brought them to police station. Police released them the next day around 4 pm, but the DSP seized his driving licence and car registration documents. When he requested them to return his documents, an employee of the police station named Jyoti Khound told him that, he will get it if he pays Rs 40,000.

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